Thursday, March 8, 2012

First Steps

If you look at the FH3 document, at the link above, there are several cut sheets for different types of plywood: 15mm, 18mm, 4' by 8' and 5' by 5'. The problem with these sheets is that they assume that both sides of the plywood are sanded and clear. If, like me, you have limited access to plywood types finding two sides clear is not an option. I have been building shop cabinets with cabinet grade plywood from Home Depot ($29. a sheet) which is really nice void free plywood; however, it is not hardwood. The other local choice I have is Blonde wood from Lowes which does have some small voids. Forget Birch from HD or Lowes.

Above is a cut sheet for 4' by 8' 18mm plywood panel which works for one sided sanded. This layout has two purposes: to put the side panels at the corner of the sheet which is already square and to allow cutting at the home store for easy car transport.

To be continued.

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